Safety and Environmental Management

Workplace Health, Safety and Environmental Management

Enegen Field Solutions is committed to the highest standard of Workplace Health and Safety of its’ employees and clients.

The majority of EFS’ work is performed in hazardous environments such as gas compressor stations, gas plants, power stations, wellheads and petrochemical facilities. The hazardous environments that EFS operate in, has required the development of an extensive Workplace Health, Safety and Environmental Management System to ensure the safety of personnel, equipment, client assets and the environment. This Safety Management System is constantly monitored through liaison with EFS personnel and client representatives to ensure the most effective Hazard and Risk Identification and Mitigation Strategies and Plans.

EFS’ Workplace Health, Safety and Environment Management is completed through various methods including:

  • Project and Company Level Inductions
  • Hazard and Risk Management Procedures
  • Daily Toolbox Meetings
  • EFS’ Workplace Health Safety and Environmental Manual (WHS PLA 01 – WHSEMS)
  • EFS’ Safety Management Plan
  • EFS’ Environmental Management Plan


Incident & Injury Management & Performance Reporting

The following Table outlines the total Man Hours (MH) performed by Enegen Field Solutions’ Personnel and lists all recordable incidents and injuries.

TypeTotal No#CriteriaNotes

Man Hours as at 20/06/2013


Hours Performed by EFS Personnel




Injury or illness resulting in an inability to work at least one full day or shift following the day or shift on which the injury occurred.

Suspected Heat Stress Event



A serious work injury requiring defined prescribed medical treatment, which is beyond the scope of normal First Aid.


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